Thursday, January 14, 2010


I really liked the Electronic Portfolio assignment. I think it was both very interesting and useful. This was the first time I created my own blog and it was an extremely valuable experience. Now I know what it is like to have an e-portfolio: how it actually works, how to upload my work online, etc. I realized how important sharing your work with other people can be because in this way you can understand what they think about it and they can give you advice on how to improve it. What is really interesting about publishing my pieces of writing online is that it made me work even harder, because I knew that other people will see them and I wanted them to be as better as possible.
I also enjoyed the second part of the assignment - the exchange with the students from Kentucky. I am very happy I was part of it and I am glad I’ve got such a wonderful partner -Jessica Borchers. Her wok is amazing and reading it was not only a great pleasure but also taught me some helpful things I can apply to my own writing. The idea of this assignment is very good because it is a great opportunity for us, Bulgarian students, to keep in touch with native-speakers of our age. This allows us to practice English and by exchanging ideas improve it.
The only thing I think can be improved about this assignment is to make the communication with the US students more regular. I believe it will be even more useful if they comment more often the work that we post and respectively we write comments on theirs.

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