Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movies and Popcorn

December was one of the most exciting months of 2009 in terms of watching fascinating movies.
It had been a whole year since I was waiting for this particular film to come up. I could not believe that the moment of truth had finally come until I saw New Moon written with big letters on the black screen. I was so excited to watch the second part of my favorite Twilight Saga. I really liked the movie and I have to admit that it was much better than the first one. The special effects were improved, the action was extremely dynamic, and the actors’ play was more professional. The best part of the movie was Jacob Black who was one of the werewolves. This guy was absolutely amazing especially when he walked around half-naked, showing off his huge muscles. One thing is for sure – I cannot wait to watch the next part!
One of the movies that caused a lot of attention is 2012. In the beginning I did not even want to watch it because I was tired of apocalyptic films. However, after watching the trailer several times, I noticed that the scenes were really impressive. So I decided that it was worth seeing it. The subject of the movie is very banal and there are many other movies based on it. However, this movie is created in such an amazing way, with so many highly technological effects that it grabbed my attention from the first minute until the very end. What I liked was that at times it was extremely dramatic, but also there were some very comic moments that made me laugh. In general, I liked the movie, and I hope that it will never ever come true!
The last movie I watched is actually the one I loved the most - Avatar. The first time I saw its trailer, I realized that it would be a great film. Besides, when I found out that it was directed by James Cameron, I was absolutely positive about its success. The movie is glorious! The characters, the Pandora planet, the scenes, the animation… Everything is done perfectly and you fall in love with the smallest details. I really like how the action is developed and the transformation of the main character who from a simple marine becomes a true fighter. The film not only brings great enjoyment but also raises some important questions and makes the audience think about them. I believe that this movie will have a big impact on the movie industry and will define what films should be like in the future!

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