Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome to Tunisia!

The woman smiled and greeted us with the words: “Welcome to Tunisia!” At that moment I realized we had finally arrived to Tunisia. I was really excited. I knew I was going to have a wonderful holiday in this country where everything was so exotic and paradise-like.
When the bus stopped in front of the hotel, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous because there I was going to spend this so anticipated holiday. I was afraid the place would not meet my expectations. What if it did not resemble the picture in the catalogue? Holding my breath I entered the reception hall. I could not believe it. It felt as if I had entered one of those palaces described in the Arabian fairytales. Every single detail was perfect and presented the Arabian culture. At the reception desk we were given two key cards: one for my sister and me, and another one for my parents.
When I entered our room, I could not believe how beautiful it was. The thing that impressed me the most was the view. From the room I could see everything: the Mediterranean Sea, the beach, and the pools. Everything was within my reach.
We could not wait to walk around the resort and see what it had to offer us. We walked along the numerous alleys and saw the tennis courts, the pools, the different bars and caf├ęs, the animation corner. However, our curiosity stretched beyond the borders of the resort. So we decided to visit the near-by town and see what the Tunisian life was like. This experience turned out to be one of those moments in my life I would never forget…
The streets were full of people: both tourists and Tunisians. And, of course, the Tunisians were the ones who grabbed my attention. It was absolutely normal for them to stop a girl or woman they liked and ask her to marry them. Several times my father was offered camels for me and my sister which in the beginning irritated me but afterwards made me laugh. Walking down the streets was pretty stressing because, first, you had to make your way though the crowd and, second, there was noise coming from everywhere. In front of the stores, there were people shouting in different languages. Their job was to make you enter the shop and surprisingly most of the time they succeeded. However, the torture started when you liked something and decided to buy it. You had to spend hours bargaining for it until there was a deal. One interesting fact about the Tunisians was their “hobby” which caused numerous traffic jams. It seemed the Tunisians really loved to drive up and down the streets with their entire family in the car. It was really funny to watch them because there was obviously not enough space in the car for everyone.
The Tunisian lifestyle seemed very different from my own but it was a really useful experience to discover their culture and look at the world from their perspective. This made the journey to Tunisia one of the most exciting trips in my life!

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The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is written by the American author Stephanie Meyer and it contains four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. The books trace the love story of Bella, a high-school girl, and Edward, a charming vampire.


In this book Isabella (Bella) Swan moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie. There she meets the most handsome guy at school, Edward Cullen, and falls in love with him. After a series of strange circumstances, she finds out that the members of the Cullen family are vampires. One remarkable fact about them is that they are vegetarians, which means that they drink animal blood instead of human. Throughout the book Bella’s life is endangered by a thirsty tracker vampire named James who wants to hunt her down. The Cullens do everything to protect her and in the final fight Edward kills James. In the end of the book Bella tells Edward that she wants to become a vampire but Edward refuses.

New Moon

Edward and his family leave Forks, because they do not want to threaten Bella’s life. Bella falls into deep depression and the only person who brightens up her miserable life is Jacob Black. Jacob becomes her best friend. Eventually, it turns out that he is a werewolf. When Victoria, James’ girlfriend, comes to seek revenge on Bella, Jacob and his pack protect her from the vindictive vampire. A misunderstanding arises, and Edward thinks that Bella has died. He sees no reason to continue living without her and decides to commit suicide in Volterra, Italy. With the help of Alice, Edward’s sister, Bella stops him. Unfortunately, she meets the Volturi, the ruling clan in the vampire world. Under the condition of Bella’s becoming a vampire in the future, they let her go. Bella and Edward get together again, and the Cullen family returns to Forks.


Victoria is back to seek revenge on Bella with an army of “newborn” vampires she has formed. The “newborns” are extremely dangerous and uncontrollable. The Cullens and Jacob’s werewolf pack work together to protect Bella, and destroy Victoria and her army. In the end Bella has to make an important decision: to choose between her love, Edward, and her best friend, Jacob. Bella chooses Edward, and agrees to marry him.

Breaking Dawn

Bella marries Edward and they go on a honeymoon. During the honeymoon, Bella gets pregnant and they have to return to Forks. She gives birth to a half-vampire-half-human girl named Renesmee. During the birth Bella almost dies and Edward has to inject her with his venom in order to turn her into a vampire and save her life. The Volturi find out about Renesmee. They think that she is an “immortal child” which is considered a serious danger to the vampire world. The Cullens gather all their vampire friends in order to witness that Renesmee is not an “immortal child”. In the end Volturi understand that Renesmee is not a threat to the vampires and their secret. When the problem is solved Edward, Bella, and Renesmee can live happily forever.

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